Title Report Services

Foreclosure Report

We will help you interpret Title Search by means of Foreclosure Report on any property determining and clearly showing the lien positioning, liens that remain with the property and liens that will be wiped out after foreclosure auction. These reports are most valuable for Lenders, Foreclosing Attorneys and Foreclosure Defense attorneys to determine the loan positioning, parties involved and to be involved in the foreclosure process with related document copies to provide the names and contact information and finally examination of 30-year chain of title to verify the ownership structure before or after the foreclosure auctions.

Ownership & Encumbrance (O&E) Report

Ownership and Encumbrance Report / O&E Report also known as Property Information Reports. An O&E report will include the last recorded owner of a property, a legal description of the property, and open recorded liens that affect the title including mortgages, judgments, lis pendens, etc

Preliminary and Commitment Report

We undertake a search in the electronic title plant for property index (PI) and general index (GI) and examine the results in order to prepare the Preliminary/Commitment Reports A title search confined to the present title holder of a specified property or last deed for consideration. Report includes Deed Information, Open Mortgages, Involuntary Liens, Real Estate Tax Information including Assessed Valuation, Special Assessments, Judgments, etc.

Legal and Vesting (L&V) Report

A legal and vesting report will include property address and location information, the full legal description as per the deed, vesting information and the tax status.

Assignment Verification Report

After a thorough search of land records, we review and provide a report on the subject mortgage, all applicable recorded documents in the assignment chain and lists the current beneficiary (if clear), and additionally will identify if the mortgage is found to have been released or foreclosed upon. Any problems found with the assignment(s) in the chain are also noted on this report.

Abstract Typing

Typing the vesting, conveyance, mortgage, liens/judgments and tax information into the Client Application as per the search package