Ancillary Search Services

Beneficiary Check

Verifying current beneficiary details and providing all open Deed of Trust and related documents along with the tax sheet in pre-foreclosure stage.

HOA Lien Search

Verifying any Home Owner’s Association liens found on the property.

Lien and Judgment Search

This report will list all the active liens on the said subject property and the unreleased judgments (by using lexisnexis) on an individual.

Open Mortgage Search

To Check Open Mortgages / Deed of Trust which is related to subject property, and additional sub document which include Assignment, Modification, Subordination, Substitution of Trustee.

Bankruptcy Search

To check if there is any Bankruptcy filed against the borrower.

Document Retrieval

We perform Title Search to retrieve requested documents specified at time of request.

Example: Deed, Mortgage, Assignment, Satisfaction, etc.